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意大利博洛尼亚展完美落幕|我们从不跟随潮流 我们引领潮流







STAND E35-F36, HALL 15

TIME: 25th–29th SEPTEMBER, 2017



Dongpeng exhibited in total 21 product series

The maxi size 1800x800 marbles enjoy great popularity among visitors and buyers

Three Mock ups,Bali resort themed, Marble+ and Benet series.

During the 5-day CERSAIE exhibition, Dongpeng continued to dress up and amazed constant stream of visitors and buyers around the globe, by presenting its exclusive Marble+ series and special mock-updisplays.



Along with the adjustment of European Anti-dumping Regulation, huge business opportunities and possibilities are forseeable, which is also indicative of further market expansion. By taking advantage of CERSAIE exhibition, Dp is dedicated to developing global market and satisfying diversified customer’s needs.


Chapter 1:

By unique charm,

its presence overwhelmed the world.

独特的魅力所在  惊艳世界

Standing in front of Dongpeng’s booth, accompanied by the aroma of catering, Sahama series is right on the spot. Originally from Eypt,the disorderly dense snake tattoo lines are likely to tell people their old stories and mystery history. Other than normal display, Dongpeng creatively exhibited Sahama series with Innoci products, DP owned German ceramic sanitary ware, in a stylish setting of Bali resort, serving as a perfect reflection of idyllic and serene haven on Balis south-west coast. This unique synergy between aesthetic essence and high technology conveys vividly marbles’s rare beauty to visitors.



Chapter 2: Maxi size gains growing popularity


In the reception area, the maxi size 1800x800 Toledo marble attracted large attention and becomes the hero product of the day. It is a state-of-the-art white marble from Italy, with a pure white undertone and a number of grey strips across the surface, fluently forming a realistic ribbon.Known for its rare quantity and high quality, Toledo is widely respected by European Nobles for its elegance and luxury. Also, it has been applied to the White House, Notre Dame de Paris, the British Museum and so on.

在展台的接待区,manbetx-新万博manbetx体育-万博官网manbetx的1800x800 Toledo大板砖深受客户欢迎, 成为当天最受瞩目的产品。源于意大利,低调纯白,灰色纹理,宛如绸缎。 其原石的罕见以及品质,让Toledo广泛使用于欧洲贵族家庭,以及著名建筑诸如白宫,巴黎圣母院以及大英博物馆等等。

Chatper 3:“Marble+ is a new trend”


In the gallery, two different mock up areas are set up. One is for Marble+, which is exclusively developed by Dongpeng. It shows the excellence and luxury feel of stone but still keeps the exceptional performance of unglazed porcelain tile. It adds a technology component to a very noble and fine material. Incredible colours, details and veining are uniquely and beautifully reproduced on every tile. DP’s Marble+ is ideal for high-traffic areas where the aesthetic of stone is desired but the performance and durability of porcelain tile is required. It includes different series:BiancoCarrara, Botticino Beige, Pulpis, Grey Emperador, Elizabeth, Volakos, CalacattaClassico, Airston, Statuario, Castle Grey, Sahama, Turkey Grey.

在展览区域,manbetx-新万博manbetx体育-万博官网manbetx打造两个独特的mock ups展示空间,其中一个是以manbetx-新万博manbetx体育-万博官网manbetx提出的“原石时代”概念为主题。Marble+, 基于原石,超越原石。其拥有原石自然美感,低调奢华的同时,保持瓷砖所特有的卓越特质。原石系列涵盖不同的产品,在展会上大放异彩。


The other mock up is Dp’s Benet-themed display, including Benet flat, Benet structured and Benet texture. It extends naturally, creating a new and stunning texture effects. The strong structure makes it a unique collection. The inspiration of this series is from natural and ancient world. It combines the thickness of the road in ancient Rome and the texture of the natural linen fabric.Both of Marble+ and Benet-themed mock ups made an attempt to convey a concept of light luxuries, to create an undertone luxury style for every household.

另一个mock up空间展示了manbetx-新万博manbetx体育-万博官网manbetx的仿古砖Benet,其中包括三个不同系列:Benet flat, Benet structured and Benet texture. 灵感源于万变而瑰丽的大自然以及亘古的古罗马历史,其纹理无限延伸,深刻而诱人,极富独特的风格。通过原石Marble+和仿古砖Benet两个mock ups空间展示,manbetx-新万博manbetx体育-万博官网manbetx传递出一种轻奢的理念,营造一种低调的奢华。 


In accordance with the theme The Future is Polymorphous of 2017 Cersaie, Dongpeng has rounded off its journey in Italy. During five days, Dp successfully showcased its growing global presence in Ceramic Tiles Industry in terms of branding, product R&D and design concept, and drew best practices from various leading ceramic companies worldwide. All good things must come to an end while our stories stay alive. Dp is bound to embrace a bright future by virtue of continuous innovation and exploration in originality.



Coming Soon

One More Surprise

Worthy of Expectation


From 15th to 19th,October, 2017, Dongpeng would like to share more stories with you about our upcoming exhibition in Canton Fair, where the strength of business makes the world come closer.